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GYN Emergent Care Center is the only emergency care facility that specializes in women's health in Long Beach and the Southern California area. The highly trained medical staff specializes in various types of hysterectomies and other surgical procedures.

Hysterectomy Q & A

How is 3D Technology Beneficial During Hysterectomies?

3D technology has opened up an entirely new world when it comes to hysterectomies and other surgical procedures. With this type of technology, doctors can offer their patients less time under anesthesia, a shorter healing time, less pain associated with recovery, and less physical trauma to the body. The doctors are able to perform extensive procedures in a much shorter period of time, while doing less damage to the body. This not only produces less trauma throughout, but also reduces the risk of large, unsightly scars, and allows the patient to begin to resume their lighter duties within a few days of the procedure.

Are 3D Procedures Less Traumatic?

3D procedures offer doctors the ability to see inside the body without actually opening the abdominal cavity. All of the instruments needed are inserted through small incisions or ports made in the abdominal wall. A small camera inserted, along with the rest of the instruments, allows the doctor to view a three-dimensional image of the area where the procedure is to be performed. They can then guide the instruments where they need to go and perform many intricate tasks that would normally have been performed through a larger incision. By using the smaller ports, the abdominal wall, and other structures receive much less damage and fewer stitches are needed to close the area after the procedure.

When is a Hysterectomy Needed?

Hysterectomies are recommended for several reasons. Extensive damage to the reproductive organs due to a problematic pregnancy, endometriosis, and various types of reproductive cancers may cause a doctor to recommend a hysterectomy to his or her patients. Most OB/GYNs recommend their patients only consider a hysterectomy as a last resort, especially during their child bearing years when they may want another child. Women who have had problems throughout adulthood with irregular or extremely painful periods may look into a hysterectomy if their signs of menopause are ongoing and causing other health problems.