Are you at risk of a ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic Pregnancy

First, what's an Ectopic Pregnancy?

It's when a pregnancy results when the embryo implants itself outside the uterine cavity. Most are implanted on the fallopian tubes but can be located on other surrounding tissues.

What factors for having an ectopic pregnancy are there?

If you have endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, certain STIs or have had fallopian, abdominal or pelvic surgery - you may have a higher risk of an ectopic pregnancy.



An ectopic pregnancy can show signs of a normal pregnancy. Signs that include a missing a menstrual cycle, upset stomach and tender breasts. Other signs can be abnormal vaginal bleeding, lower back pain, pelvic pain, and cramping. If you are experiencing any of these signs, see your OBGYN specialist immediately.

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Surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. What are the risks?

If you have a fallopian tube rupture, you will need surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy and repair the fallopian tube. Even if you don't have a fallopian tube rupture, you may still need to have surgery if the pregnancy is not viable.

After surgery, you may feel weak, tired or experience bleeding and/or infection after surgery. 

Medication options instead of surgery.

Methotrexate is the most common medication used to treat an ectopic pregnancy. It stops cells from growing ending the pregnancy. The pregnancy then is absorbed by the body over 4–6 weeks. This does not require the removal of the fallopian tube.

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